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Disease Prevention Program

The Wright House Wellness Center is not currently offering HIV Testing.
Please click HERE for other Austin area testing resources.


Other Austin Area Resources


Community High Impact Prevention (CHIP)

CHIP is a set of strategies that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, promises to greatly increase the impact of HIV prevention efforts by using combinations of scientifically proven, cost-effective, and scalable interventions targeted to the right populations in the right geographic areas (

Strategies targeting Hispanic gay and bisexual men (men who have sex with men), ages 13-55 and African American Heterosexual women, ages 13-55 include:

  • HIV Testing
  • Linkage to and Re-engagement in Care of newly and previously identified HIV-positive persons
  • Navigation of Support Services for HIV-positive and Very High Risk Negative (VHRN) persons

HIV Testing is a critical component of prevention efforts because when people learn they are infected, research shows that they take steps to protect their own health and prevent HIV transmission to others.

Linkage to Care helps ensure people living with HIV receive life-saving medical care and treatment, and helps reduce their risk of transmitting HIV. Efforts are underway to expand HIV testing and linkage to care, especially in those populations in which new infections are occurring in high numbers.

  • Antiretroviral therapy. Treating people living with HIV early in their infection dramatically reduces the risk of transmitting the virus to others, underscoring the importance of HIV testing and access to medical care and treatment.

Navigation of Support Services provides individuals with links and/or refererrals to essential social support services, such as:

  • Partner Services
  • Medication Adherence
  • Integrated screening and treatment for STDs, Hepatitis, and TB
  • Other area HIV prevention and care programs
  • Substance abuse treatment programs
  • Mental health counseling and services
  • Case Management
  • Housing
  • Transportation services
  • Basic education continuation-completion services
  • Employment readiness and referral programs, as appropriate
  • Other services as deemed appropriate


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